Top 10 biggest female body builders in the world

Top 10 biggest female body builders in the world: Body building is generally considered as a man sport. Body building in women in generally not accepted in many societies. But with modernization and number of empowering women increasing everyday, body building among women is also increasing.

A YouTube channel called Elite Facts has uploaded a new video called ‘Top 10 Biggest Female Bodybuilders In The World’ on it’s channel and the video is a compilation of list and photos of the 10 most popular and the biggest women body builders in the world.

The video which is almost 6 minutes long has more than 2 million views. The most popular female body builders are mentioned in the video. The female body builder on number 10 is Irene Anderson. Female body builder Yolanda Hughes takes the 9th place. Kim Chizevsky is on the 8th place followed by Rosemary Jennings in the 7th. Similarly Lisa Aukland’s , Ana Claudia Pires, Nicole Bass, Juliette Bergmann and Christine Roth are in the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd positions in the list.

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